The Name.....

Ebony Grace Designs......

I have been asked a few times, "How did you come up with the name? It is so unusual." And so I thought I would share a little here.

Ebony Grace is the name of our daughter whom I miscarried back in 2005. We thought what better way to acknowledge and honour our little girl than to name my creations after her.

Whilst we never got to meet our little girl, she has remained a part of our lives. A great part of the reason why we treat her as a person who touched our lives is due to the Testimony that makes up her story. You see we didn't know I was pregnant and one night I became exceptionally ill and was rushed to the hospital where we discovered I was miscarrying a 5-6 week old baby.
Upon my way home, after release, I asked God what the name of our baby was. His reply came immediately and He said Ebony. I then named her Ebony Grace.

Just 8 hours after my return home I had a meeting. I was physically fine to go and did so. The Godmother of my son was running late and so she missed the discussions before the meeting and had no idea of the events just hours before. At the the end of the meeting she came up to me speaking quietly and almost apologetically. She said, "God keeps telling me to give you a message and it makes no sense but He wont let up. He keeps telling me to tell you that 'Ebony is safe and she is with Me.' You don't know an Ebony but I just have to tell you."
I broke into tears and shared with her that our daughter whom we had just lost 12 hours before hand is named Ebony and so yes, I do know an Ebony.

This whole event still blows my mind and it gives me great peace and hope. It lets me know in a very personal and real way that indeed we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and that indeed He does know us, before we are born and He too knows our names. We are precious to Him and always will be. I don't know about you, but knowing this gives me hope, purpose and determination to stand and face the days ahead.