Friday, August 9, 2013

Copics and Canvases

Hello lovelies!

I am making some canvases at the moment and I found some lovely black and white images on The Graphic Fairy's blog.
Now these flowers look lovely just as they are.....


I had a thought: I wonder what these would look like when coloured with Copics?! And so I had a little fun colouring.

I cut the flowers out first and then began to colour. These images were printed with an ink containing toner so that the water based medium won't smudge the ink. So remember that the paper isn't the usual paper used for Copics, but ordinary copy paper.

Layer your colours as you normally would. You wont need many layers, and don't go into as much detail as you normally would. All you want is a wash of colour and darkening in the shadows.

 The effects are simply wonderful!
Have fun and enjoy!

Happy colouring!


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