Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gel Medium Transfer Tutorial

Hi guys!
My gosh I knew I had been away for a little while but not for a month! Gosh!
Life has been busy with colds and flu and fevers etc. So much fun!

I certainly hope y'all are faring well.

I have been having a play with mixed media canvases and especially having a good play with Gel Medium Transfer. I am LOVING this technique at the moment and having so much fun with it.
I waited too long to try it. I had heard about it and read in magazines about it, but i was afraid of making a big mistake and messing it all up.
Well may I encourage you to give it a go!
Try it! An what's even better - there isn't really any failing. If it doesn't quite work as planned then that's ok. It just looks vintage/distressed and to be honest, probably a lot cooler than had it worked! lol

To begin, trim your PHOTOCOPIED image to size. It must be photocopy printed because the ink contains toner and it wont smudge.
Cover the image in gel medium, giving it a good coverage. Place it face down down on the canvas, smoothing out all bubbles and wrinkles. Use a squidgy or plastic card to help in this. 
Allow the glued image to dry naturally. This is dependent on the weather and how much gel you used. 

I had a play to see what happens if I encourage the drying with a heat gun. The transfer did work, however I found that the image wasn't very permanent. I am thinking that this may be because the gel didn't have an opportunity to really absorb and take on the ink. You can see here that the stem and some flowers didn't remain. But it adds character and gives a good distressed look. Well that is what Mr White Knight said! lol

Once dried, spray water onto the paper and allow it to soak through. Once it becomes transparent it is time for the next step!

...Rubbing the paper off! Firmly, but gently, rub away the paper. It should come away easily. If not, just add some more water and allow it to seep in. 
All that should remain is the transferred image!


Allow the image to dry. If some white fibers remain, just spray again with water and rub them off.

Remember! When using words or planning the direction of your image, that the transfer will be in reverse! So when using words etc make sure you print your words up reversed so that when transferred, you will be able to read them clearly.

Have fun with this technique! I know I will be! May even try it on some cards.
Do let me know what you create. I'd love to hear from you!



  1. great job exlaing it all Joan. One of these days I may give it a try!

  2. thanks for the tutorial, i'm excited to try it out

    1. You are most welcome! Let me know how you go :-)


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