Monday, January 7, 2013

Precious metallic wooden hearts

I was experimenting with some heat embossing today and I was so pleased with the results I thought I'd show you!

I have an embossing powder that I have just discovered. It is called Aged Teal Embossing Enamel by STAMPENDOUS.

This powder is amazing. I have had to play with it a bit in order see how best to use it. I mistakenly thought that the result would be primarily metallic with teal showing through. The teal grains are an extremely fine powder and there are metallic chunks mixed in.

With my first attempt I covered the whole heart in the Aged Teal. This is where I discovered how blue it actually is! Also this powder needs to be heated from underneath. I found this a little tricky because I was embossing wood. I tried to heat from the top on a different object and found that the powder blisters and burns rather quickly.
With this heart, I re-embossed with some silver powder. It gave an interesting effect.

I tried the lock in a different manner, where upon initial inking I sprinkled a little Aged Teal powder in places and then covered it in silver powder. I quite like the result and feel it worked well. 
I did adjust this image to have it turned around for you but when I loaded the pic, it just didn't want to do as it is told!
As you can see there is a vast difference in appearance between the lock that is fully silver and the one with a sprinkle of Aged Teal. It makes for an unique effect which I quite like!

I hope that you have found this helpful! Do show me how yours turns out. 


* The wooden embellishments used here are KaiserCraft Hearts and Locks.

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  1. ooooh LOVING it Joan!!!
    Think I might have to keep an eye out for this one myself too!!
    Thanks for sharing.. Toni.. :)


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