Saturday, December 15, 2012


Crime Scene Investigation?

No :-)

Colour. Stories. Inspiration.

The Team at CSI currently have their 50th Case File up! Congratulations ladies!
I was there for their very first Case File and I gotta tell ya, it is a lot of fun!

I am really glad that I had an attempt at a Case File because it forced me to think out of the box and taught me how to create to a form of instructions. The freedom I discovered in my ability to create was revolutionary. Here is the page I entered. I am rather proud of it :-)

I remember that the Case File was inspired by Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter and the directions was that particular images had to be used as well as an invite I think. Gosh I am trying to remember! I journalled how my beautiful boys love to break into imitating the March Hare at any and every opportunity and look at their spoon -whether real or imaginary - and proclaim ~ SPOON!

So I urge you to have a go! At least go to the CSI page and have a look at the Gallery. You will be amazed at the beautiful creations that are submitted. Simply amazing and inspiring.

Here is a look at the 50th Case File! Enjoy!


How The Challenge Works

Tune in each Friday evening (around 6:00 p.m. United States EST) for our weekly reveal to see the current Case File.
The Case File contains the following elements:
"The Scene" - This is the inspiration image from which the color palette, inspiration, and story starters are drawn.
"The Scheme" - This is the palette of five colors you must use. You may add neutrals (black, white, kraft, cream, gray, brown) to these colors. Please try to get your colors as close to this swatch as possible, but don't drive yourself crazy or not play because you don't have the exact shade of a color. If you'd like to add an additional color to accent, please restrict it to about 10% of your page.
"Evidence" - These are elements drawn from the inspiration image that you should include on your page. They may be products, techniques, or other design ideas. Choose two or more to include in your layout. If you see other elements that inspire you in this picture, feel free to add those, too!
"Testimony" - This is the journaling part. Choose one (or more) elements for your journaling. The journaling elements are also drawn from the inspiration image and may be in the form of topic ideas, journaling formats, journaling approaches, or words to inspire your stories. They are meant to spark ideas for you to tell a story on your page. You can combine them, use them as a jumping-off point, or you can always use The Scene (inspiration image) as inspiration for your journaling.
Detailed Clues - Detailed clues for the Case Files can be found at the bottom of the Case File thread, after all of the design team's layouts are displayed. The clues that are given on the Case File image are explained in more detail in this spot. Links related to the Testimony, RGB codes, and so forth are found here.
CSI Coordinates - Michele Singh, who is a member of our design team, creates customized printables that go with each Case File. CSI Coordinates consist of patterned papers, word art, journaling spots, and other images related to our Evidence that go with that week's palette. The Coordinates are PDF attachments and can be found at the bottom of the Case File Thread.
To be eligible for our sponsor's prize or to be featured as "Under Surveillance" (layouts that catch our eye and get featured on our front page), please submit your layout to the gallery by midnight EST, a week from Sunday following the reveal. This basically gives you a whole week plus an extra weekend to get your layout done. Five layouts will be chosen by the CSI Detectives each week.

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  1. Such an amazing page!! Love the lacing and embossing! ~ Blessings, Tracey


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