Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Tag

Christmas is rapidly approaching and some of us don't have time to make cards for our loved ones. OR! {gasp}they throw their cards away - so why bother!?

Here is a way to get your Christmas Craft on as well as tackle that Card issue : Tags. Your giving a gift, right? So why not include a personalised little Tag on the gift, ensuring the right person gets their gift as well as giving that special touch from your heart.

Here is one I made for you!

The techniques used in this tag is Distressing, Inking, Stamping and Heat Embossing. The white ink is Donna Salazar's Jasmine Mixed Media Ink.

Ok Lets get started!

I was having a bit of a brain fade on the day I was making these tags, so please forgive me if I have posted the wrong measurements! lol.
Basically we have 2 standard sizes. The light tags here are actually Tim Holtz Tags. You could simply ink his tags but I wanted to make mine out of cardstock. Incidentally the cardstock featured here is KaiserCraft.

Cut your tags out of cardstock to the size that suits your project.

Give your tag a wipe with an anti-static pillow. Try not to handle the tag too much so that the oils from your fingers aren't all over it.

Select a stamp of your choice and stamp the image on to your cardstock. Make sure you use an ink that is a Pigment Ink. All inks are not the same my friends! A pigment ink is thicker and takes longer to dry, thus allowing the powder to stick to the wet ink.
 I will ensure I will do a post on this topic and explain inks for you. The ink I used here is a clear ink - Versamark. I find it excellent for Heat Embossing.

Cover your tag generously with your chosen colour of embossing power. Here I chose a powder that turns clear when heated.
*Now BEFORE you start getting messing with powder ensure you have a scrap piece of paper under your project! A4 is a good size. Fold the paper in half and then lay it fully opened under your project. The reason for this is to enable you to return your unused powder back into the container. The crease in your page will help the direction of the flow and hopefully prevent unwanted mess.

Once you have poured the powder on your tag, you can immediately lift and pour off the excess onto your paper.
Be sure to not touch the image with your fingers because it is still wet and will smudge. Give the tag the gentlest of taps on the table to allow lose powder to fall off.

With your heat gun, heat the tag. I have two examples here with the left made with white embossing powder and the right with clear. You are limited only by your imagination my friends!

 And so here is the tag I made for you, stamped with 2 stamps by Stampin' Up and embossed with white embossing powder.

I like to ink the edges of my creations before I take to it with my distress tool. Gently and quickly swipe the edges of your tag with your ink. Here I used Donna Salazar's Jasmine Mixed Media Ink. Then grab a distressing tool or even a sharp pair of scissors and scrape along the edges of your tag to roughen up the edges. If you are using scissors, and you haven't tried this before, practice on a piece of cardstock first. Remember though that this technique can blunted your scissors faster than normal cutting.
If you prefer not to distress the edges, simply leave them untouched.

I re-inked the edges again after distressing the paper. As you can see, this ink is rather messy and I haven't yet figured out how to stay relatively clean with this one. But there are no mistakes! I added a couple of extra smudges to heighten the 'grunge' look and give an image of 'snow'.

With a craft knife, cut a slit in your card for your ribbon. It helps to have a sharp piercing tool to prompt the ribbon through the small hole. Mine is from Stampin' Up. Fold your ribbon in half and guide the middle through the slit.
Be careful to not pierce your ribbon but guide it.

The ribbon should form a loop on the back of the card.

Place the ribbon tails through the loop and pull gently, bringing the loop down to seize the ribbon into place.
For extra bling, place a Brad in the hole in which the ribbon is placed.

Add a bit of bling! Why not?!
Now if you are unsure of the placement of your bling, if it is really necessary, then cut it out and place it on your project, with the clear plastic still attached.

Here, you can see I decided I didn't need all of the diamantes. Leaving the plastic on whilst I experimented prevented me from having to try and unstick the little gems without tearing the paper.

At the very end, in an act of after thought of inspiration, I inked the edges again to ensure a white look and not a smudged light blue and covered the edges of the tag in white embossing power and heated it. So now the tag has solid white on the edges that give foundation to the distressed ink.

 Your tag get a bit messy on the back? Mine sure did! No mistakes remember!

 Ink up a piece of cardstock and stick it on the back. This provides a place for your to write your message as well as cover any unsightly spots.

Well I hope you have enjoyed the first of my little tutorials! I have had fun making it. We sure covered a number of techniques here too! I'd sure like to see your tags. Be sure to comment below with a pic!