Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Carols Spectacular!

Could it really be over already!? Well yes, for another year the Toowoomba Community Baptist Church's Christmas Carols are over.
I was honoured to be asked to head the decorations for this year's Carols. I immediately began to think big but with 2 weeks to show time - well I had to bring it down a bit!
I am really proud of all of those who were involved in putting on this enormous event. Mr White Knight and I laboured every night for a week to have the last of the props in place.

Yesterday was an immensely hot day but it didn't deter our tiny team - or Mr White Knight who stood atop a 12 foot ladder (or was it bigger?) to attach 4 sets of baubles to the ceiling.

We even had our Pastor and Mr White Knight climbing on top of the church roof, covering all the windows with black plastic. The effect was amazing.

Inside, the church auditorium was darkened to a night time darkness. Fairy lights hung on all of the walls and the stage was alight with icicle type lights, giving off such a peaceful yet spectacular glow.

To the right sat our masterpiece....well I think it is pretty cool! lol

The lights around the stable had such a wonderful affect. However because there were a lot of people about who were knowingly and unknowingly caught on film, I am unable to show the pictures. Privacy reasons. Joseph here measured to over 5 feet high. This is a big stable.

And how can I forget our angel!?

Isn't he cool! Standing over 7 feet high is our very own angel! I would have made his wing twice as big, but I couldn't get the wood.

And here is me standing with my creation. And YES there are 2 cheeky boys who just couldn't resist getting their photo taken with me! All they had to do was ask! hahahaha
I am not one to have my photo taken and it is an even rarer occasion to have me post here you go. This is me :-)

A wonderful night was had by all. I am not sure how many were in attendance but it was certainly a few hundred! And of course the night was not and is not about the decorations or how pretty things looked. It is about people getting together to celebrate the birth of the Boy who became King. And what a birthday party it was!


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  1. So beautiful!! ~ Blessings, Tracey


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