Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Bauble Decorations

Hi Bloggers!

I have been asked to decorate my Church for our Christmas Carols this year. This is such an honour. I hope to use this opportunity to bring you some interesting posts. However we all know how things can get. I will do my best.

This afternoon I took on the task of bauble decorations. Our theme this year is Light and so I figured we could use the baubles as stars. The auditorium will all be dark with fairy lights everywhere and so I am thinking these baubles will {hopefully} look great and sparkle nicely.

The idea I had was tying the baubles to various lengths of ribbon and tie them together in a bundle to be hung from the ceiling.

 To be fair this idea isn't totally mine. I saw a picture somewhere on Pinterest - now lost to me.
I gathered 10 baubles together in the bunch but I am thinking 15-20 would look much better. But hey, we work with what we've got...and 120 baubles isn't too bad!

This is the outcome. I hope you like them. Maybe you could do something similar in your own home?

 If you do, post me a pic! I'd love to see!


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